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Are you wondering just how much longer you have to pay on your auto loan before your auto is paid off? How much would you save if you made bi-weekly payments instead of monthly payments? Exactly how many payments do you have to make before you auto loan is paid off? This auto loan payoff calculator will figure all of that based on the information that you provide.

Based on the balance of your auto loan, your monthly auto loan payment and your interest rate, this payoff calculator will calculate just how many more payments you have left on your auto and the amount of total interest you will pay the life of the loan. It will also compare the difference between the monthly payment option and the bi-weekly payment option.

Auto Loan Payoff Calculator
Please enter your monthly payment (e.g. 500), the balance (e.g. 25000), and the interest rate (e.g. 7.25).
Your Monthly Payment:   ?
Your Balance:   ?
Your Interest Rate: %  ?
* This calculator is considered reliable, but not guaranteed.

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