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- Debt Consolidation -

Too many bills? Just enter you total monthy payments, along with the interest rate and see what your monthly payment could be. With a debt consolidation service you can cut your monthly payments up to 70%. Giving you a lower payment and starting you on your way to become debt free. For more information on how debt consolidation works visit Debt-Consolidations.com.

There are many kinds of debt consolidation programs. Figuring out which one that is right for you requires some research. The basic 3 types of debt consolidation are:

A Debt Consolidation Loan is used to combine all your existing consumer debt or credit card debt into a single loan and one monthly payment. The advantage of this type of debt loan is that you can consolidate your high interest credit cards, auto loan and/or student loan debt, into one single lower monthly payment. It allows you pay off bills and stop creditors from calling. Depending on the amount of debt that you have you may or may not collateral. Most people will take out a debt consolidation loan against there home and that will allow them to get a very low interest rate.

A Debt Management Program is not a loan. What happens with this type of program is we negotiate on your behalf to actually reduce the amount you pay to your creditors. You send us one payment each month. Then we divide this payment between your creditors and pay them a preset negotiated amount. The benefit to you is that you only make one payment each month. Since your creditors will be receiving money they should stop calling and harrassing you.

A Debt Negotiation Program is not a loan. Benefits of business and personal debt negotiation are it will end creditor calls. Significant debt reduction on your credit cards, personal loans, lines of credit, leases, etc. Restructure existing debts to avoid bankruptcy and increase cash flow. Satisfy your creditors for what you can afford.

This debt consolidation calculator is very simple to use. Just enter in the variables that you are currently paying and than enter the variables with your new low interest rates and see how much money you will save by taking advantage of a debt consolidation.

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