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- Sales Tax Calculator -

Buying something? Are you planning on buying something? You have come to the right place. Here is a free sales tax calculator that will calculate the amount of sales tax that will be owed on any dollar amount. This is a very simple calculator that you just fill in the "COST" and "TAX" and push "COMPUTE" and this calculator will figure sales tax automatically.

For all of those online purchases or for those purchases that require you to come up with the tax your self, this is the perfect calculator for you. Some online companies don't charge taxes and by buying online you can save lots of money in taxes.

This is a very simple calculator. Play around with your numbers and see what how much money you can expect to pay in sales tax on any dollar amount.

(e.g. 150.00)
(e.g. 6.65% = .0665)

The Following Will Be Figured For You.
Unformatted Tax Formatted Tax

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