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- Student Loan Consolidation -

If you have student loans, you may qualify for the Federal Consolidation Loan. You could save 60% on your monthly payment and lock in an interest rate as low as 2.5% So unless your student loan interest rates are 2.25% you are paying too much!!!

Don't let those old college loans burden you anymore. Everyone that has a college loan that is still paying on them will benefit, since the interest rates have dropped. There are student loans that are as low as 2.25%. Consolidating your student loans could save lots of money.

This is a very simple calculator. Play around with your numbers and see what your payment is currently and than put in the same info with 2.25% and see what your payments are. You will be amazed. A student loan condsolidation program can save you thousands in interest over the life of the loan.

Number of
(e.g. 7.25)

Are Your Student Loan Interest Rates Too High? How about 2.25%

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